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Your Winter Car Storage Checklist

At Migson Public Storage, we offer a range of storage unit sizes and types to our customers in the Greater Toronto Area and southwestern Ontario. We take pride in our secure storage facilities that offer high surveillance and good management practices that work together to keep your items safe.

We have four storage sizes, including additional outdoor storage specifically for housing cars and motor vehicles along with other items in your garage over the winter season.

Whether you need to store a motorcycle or a vintage Corvette convertible, we have the right space for it. Here’s a handy checklist to follow for storing your vehicle over the winter season.

Check your Engine Oil

Observe your engine oil – if it is really dirty, change it before you store it. This is especially if you’re storing it for long periods of time or have a lot of mileage on your car.

Wash, Clean, Dry and Ventilate

  • This makes sure that there are no contaminants left on surfaces
  • Helps your car stay fresh and clean while in storage
  • Ensures your car is dry and there is ventilation by cracking a window (tip: crack a window to avoid mold or mildew formation)
  • Use a plastic sheet to cover your car and create an additional moisture barrier

Check Your Fluids

  • Add fuel stabilizer and let your car run for a few minutes after filling up the tank. This will keep your fuel fresh up to 12 months during storage without the need to drain your tank.
  • Check other fluid levels, such as anti-freeze.

Tire Care

  • When you get to the storage unit, inflate your tires to the maximum PSI rating to avoid the development of flat spots.
  • Leave your car parked in neutral if it’s a manual transmission with the parking break disengaged
  • Automatic transmission cars can be left in park.
  • You can also block the tires to prevent them from moving.

Battery Care

  • You can take the battery out and keep it separately in the storage facility connected to a battery maintainer.
  • You can also leave the hood ajar and connect the battery via cables to the maintainer as well.

With these measures, you will ensure that your car has a peaceful rest tucked away safely in one of our storage units. Keep an eye on our and to reserve your storage space!

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