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What Not To Pack While Moving

When getting ready for a move, it is natural to want to pack everything together and move it all at once, including your fertilisers and cleaning supplies, but this may not be possible. Moving companies that offer either the traditional van and truck services or portable storage containers for self moves have a list of items that cannot be transported due to safety concerns – injury, breakage, theft. Even when moving yourself, you may want to take extra care when packing and handling these items, especially when hauling them over a long distance.

What Not To Pack

Many of these items are standard in all companies, but you may want to discuss it with your moving company first. Here are the industry standardized items that you shouldn’t put onto your moving truck:

  1. Combustible items
  2. These are strictly prohibited by nearly all moving companies, and include lighters, car batteries, propane tanks, and flammable chemicals, like fertilisers and weed killer. If you will be transporting a gas-powered lawn mower, motorcycle, or moped, you will need to drain the fuel tanks and oil before transportation.

  3. Household cleaners
  4. Different household cleaners can mix in the back of a moving truck, giving off dangerous or even fatal fumes. The chemical mix could even cause a fire.

  5. Food in aerosol cans, glass jars, and pressurised tanks
  6. These are also banned by nearly all moving companies for the same concerns as combustible items. These items could shift and fall during transport, which is not that dangerous. But if a pressurised tank explodes due to changing pressure – like in the cargo hold of an aircraft – things can be really bad.

  7. Firearms and ammunition
  8. Ammunition is strictly governed by both state and local laws. It may be illegal to possess certain firearms in some states and provinces, and transporting them across provincial lines could prove to be troublesome – even as part of a move.

  9. Live plants
  10. Live plants could also be restricted by state, province, and local laws, especially in places where there is high risk of invading species.

Keep items of high value handy

They don’t have to be highly priced, but these treasures have a sentimental value and you simply can’t live without them; the kind of things that you grab when rushing out of a fire. They include securities, jewelry, money, and valuable papers. Even when you’re not moving far, it is important to scan and keep digital copies of important personal files, like licenses, identification, certificates, wills, etc.

When your life is packed into a series of boxes, it’s easy to lose or misplace these types of items, so you should take additional measures to keep them safe. When it comes to your valuables or your important documents, think ahead of your move. Rent a small storage space from a trusted storage company to place your valuables and docs in before you start packing your home. That way you don’t have the worry of misplacing something while you pack, while you move, or putting it somewhere unknown after you settle into your new home. You’ll have them put away before all the hustle and bustle really begins, and can retrieve them easily after you’ve unpacked the rest of your belongings.

You need to make sure you’re putting your valuables in a storage company you can trust! Migson has an unparallelled track with our security, but if you’re not in the Migson area, make sure you’re asking the right questions before choosing a storage company. Finding a new home is stressful enough; you’ll need the peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe while you relocate!

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