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The Zen of Downsizing: Get the Best of Both Worlds with Public Storage

Whether or not you believe that spaces and symmetry really do transfer good vibes and energy throughout homes and the people in them, there is no doubt that the state your home is in weighs heavily on your mind. People living in clutter think much differently than those living in clean, wide-open spaces. Zen is the art of being mindful, gaining deeper understanding, and leading an overall better life – and downsizing can help get you there.

Start with Decluttering

Downsizing starts in the home with what you already have. If you don’t use it, then you probably don’t need it. All of that extra furniture, leftover toys, and trinkets are most likely taking up space, stopping you from thinking clearly. When the only thing on your mind is cleaning or finding ways around the things in your home, then you have no time for introspection. Get rid of what you don’t need.


If you want to really achieve a good state of mind through downsizing, then reorganize. Interior design experts agree that the layout of a home can seriously alter the moods of those within it, especially when they spend a lot of time there. Leave open spaces, and allow yourself full sight of the room and the door from any sitting point such as a couch or bed. Organizing also helps in your office, dining room, and kitchen!

Don’t Rely on Home Storage Space

Another key principle of decluttering the home is not using your home for excess storage. This means no putting things under the bed, no using the end tables as libraries, and no using kitchen cabinets as Tupperware museums. If it isn’t being used, then don’t store it in your home anywhere. Allow the space to breathe.

A clear mind can only be achieved by clearness of thought, and when you spend time in a cluttered home, you reduce your chance of achieving it. You can achieve your ideal home environment by downsizing, decluttering, and reorganizing. Just remember, is here to help!

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