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Safety Tips For Moving: how to get your goods to public storage without breaking anything (bones included!)


Hiring a team of movers can get expensive. The truck, the labor, the tips, the lunch and coffee — all of the costs start to add up after a while. There are plenty of reasons to lace up your shoes, crack your knuckles, and start breaking a sweat. If you are about to put your stuff into public storage here in the Toronto Area, then we want you to be as safe as possible. Doing it yourself is great, but you’ve got to do it right. Here are some safety tips for moving your stuff to our storage units.

Always lift with your legs

There’s one thing you should always keep in mind about your spine: it’s the only one you’ll ever get (unless there’s some awesome medical breakthrough before this blog is published). Don’t take it for granted. Most people have a tendency to bend at the waist to pick things up. Our recommendation? STOP!

Squat at the knees and lift with the help of your legs. Do it as slowly and as controlled as possible. Not adding the weight of your torso to the weight of the object is a great way to preserve your back and limit your visits to the chiropractor.

We can’t recommend gloves enough

Ever wonder why the moving crews wear heavy-duty gloves? It’s because they work. Some serious moving gloves will come with extra grip to help you tighten your hands around heavy boxes. They’ll also protect against cuts and scrapes. If a box slips out of your hands, the contents inside (and your knees and toes) are in a lot of trouble.

Wear boots

Thinking about moving your stuff into public storage? Put the sandals away. We don’t care what the temperature is, always wear boots. You’ll be able to lift more, get better balance, and protect your toes in case slips do happen (which should be limited if you’re wearing gloves!).

Bring a flashlight

Much like your spine, your eyes probably won’t have any substitutes any time soon. Bringing a flashlight to help you better see objects in the truck, read labels, or examine hidden objects that you’ve already loaded into your storage space is a good way to stop from squinting all of the time. It also helps if you use large labels. The flashlight will also help you not trip over things you didn’t see lying about.

Moving your own stuff into your storage space is a great way to save some cash and break a sweat. Dare we say it could even be fun if you do it right. Still, you should know these safety tips for moving day so you don’t spend more time at the chiropractor, doctor, or optometrist than you have to.

Thinking about moving stuff to a in the Toronto Area? Migson is a great place to look! That need crowdfunding, but as we always remind you, apply common sense safety measures, and do your homework, especially now that there’s nothing keeping the www.trymobilespy.com/ scams out of the mix

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