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Organizing Your Storage Unit for More Space and Increased Accessibility

So you want to rent a storage unit. Right off the bat, how you organize your storage unit can determine how much space you’ll use and how accessible your items will be. Simply stacking your boxes any old way won’t cut it. Sure, you could do that and it probably wouldn’t be so bad if you don’t come back to retrieve items regularly. However, if you are looking to come back and pick items up regularly, it could be the difference of spending five minutes looking or a whole hour sifting to find the item(s) in question. Achieving a balance between maximizing space and accessibility should be the crux of your storage unit’s organization. Here are a few ways to do this.

Pick a protocol for stacking boxes

When it comes to boxes, labelling items and packing them in a way that is intuitive to you is always the best call. Keeping a master list is also helpful too, so you know what items are in storage at all times. In terms of stacking boxes, there are a few guidelines to consider like:

  1.     Stack your boxes from back to front in order of need. Frequently accessed items should be stacked last in order to be at the front and easily accessible. Ensure that the labels are facing outside so you can see what the contents are and never stack above your head! (it’s a safety hazard)
  2.     Larger and heavier items should always go on the bottom unless they are delicate.
  3.     Use a brick-wall pattern when stacking boxes that are of the same size. This lets you remove and replace boxes without moving boxes above it — making it far easier to access your stuff!

Make a layout / map

Once you’ve stacked your boxes, make a map of them in accordance with your master list. This will help you easily know which side of the room to veer towards when you come back to retrieve items. An alternative to this is planning an organized layout in advance before you stack your boxes accordingly. Both methods ensure that your items are organized in a way that makes the most sense to you! Keep a copy of your map on hand or in a visible spot in your storage unit to refer to as in when you need to.

Upgrade to a larger unit

If you find that your unit is cramped, difficult to maneuver and you’ve even tried to re-pack your boxes, consider upgrading your unit to a larger size. In the long run, it’ll be far less stressful to have more space for your items and it could be beneficial if you think you’ll need additional storage space in the near future.

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Posted on December 23, 2016 | Benefits Of Storage Units, General Tips

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