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Moving with Kids: What you Need to Know

Moving from one home to another can be a stressful experience for anybody. For children, the prospect of leaving home can be even more overwhelming, especially if it’s their first experience with moving.

Moving With Kids
Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ease this transition for your children! From explaining them the moving process so they’re adequately prepared to creating a comfortable living environment immediately upon your arrival, you can make moving a fun and enjoyable experience for your kids.

Take a look at the information and tips below to help you have a smooth and happy move with your children!

  • Open communication
    Uncertainty can make children even more apprehensive about a move. Talk to them about why you’re moving, and why you are excited about it. Tell them about your first experiences moving, and why it ended up being a fun event.

    The more kids know, the less they’ll be worried when the day comes. Get them excited to participate and you’ll avoid having a cranky kid on moving day!

  • Reducing together
    Unless you already lead a very minimalist lifestyle, there will be multiple things around the house that don’t need to come with you on the move.

    Unilaterally choosing which of their things to keep and which to discard could be tough for them to handle, so talk to them early about choosing some things to hold on to and some to let go of.

    Many people make moves harder on themselves by not getting rid of unnecessary clutter before they pack. Ensure you take this and the day-of will be a lot more hassle-free!

  • Packing takes time
    Know that packing can’t be done in a panicked whirlwind the day before the move. Set aside enough time in the days leading up to the move to gradually pack things up, starting with the items your children use the least. This will also help acclimate your kids to the process and avoid a sudden interruption of their daily routine.
  • Consider a babysitter
    Depending on the age of your children, you might want to leave them with a relative or babysitter on the day of the move. Moving will require a lot of work and attention, and if your children will require more supervision than you can spare, this can be really useful. On the other hand, they might appreciate being able to participate.

    This decision, however, should always come down to their safety. If they’re going to get in the way, get a sitter!

  • Pack their essentials together
    Set aside a special box just for your child’s essential items. This can be both practical and fun. You should include things that you will need to access right away like a toothbrush as well as pajamas and change of clothes. They can also pack their favorite few toys or special items themselves. Load this one last, so you can unpack it first when you arrive.

The key to moving with children is preparation! Think about how you’re going to move your child before the rest of your home and you’ll be headed towards a smooth transition from home to home.

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