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How Your Storage Space Can Save You Money

When you’ve got more stuff than you have space, it’s time to consider new options for storing your belongings.

Save Money With Your Storage Space

Whether you’re downsizing and have items that are too useful and valuable to simply get rid of or you are an avid collector and need a place to securely keep your goods, can be a great option. Cost savings, convenience and peace of mind are just three of the benefits of getting storage space.

There are lots of different sizes you can choose from, so it won’t be a problem to find the storage space that suits your needs. We’ve compiled key information on how your storage space can save you money.

Cheaper Than Rent

When you’re considering your storage options, mull over whether or not it would be cheaper to stay at your existing residence while renting a or to get a bigger place to avoid the need for a storage unit. In many instances, it may actually be more cost effective to opt for the former. So you could very well save money with a storage unit, particularly since you can select a size that best fits your needs.

When it Comes to Storage, Size Matters

Keep in mind the importance of getting the right sized unit. Assess your space needs and then get a storage space that fits your requirements. Also be sure to be selective about what you store so that you actually make it worth your while to pay for a storage unit. If the belongings you want to store are of sufficient value, then it is much easier to justify spending money to store them for any length of time.

Team up with Friends, Families and Neighbours on your Unit

Keep your bank account happy and your wallet fuller by sharing a unit with someone you know. The bigger the unit you select, the better the deal. Be sure to share with someone you trust, because that person will have access to your belongings. But if you can pair up with the right people, you can end up saving some serious coin. In fact, you may be able to reduce your storage space rental fee by up to 50% per month if you share the space – and the cost – with others.

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