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How to Save Money During Your Move

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful process. The key to a painless move is to plan ahead. Give yourself enough time to make decisions

Plan a budget. Set aside enough money to pay for the expenses of moving. Make a list of what you’ll need for your move and estimate how much each one will cost. Be liberal in your accounting; most people underestimate how much stuff they have. Here are a few things you will probably need during your move:

• Materials – Boxes, tape, packing blankets, moving dolly
• Storage – Clean, safe and secure facility
• Moving Truck – Appropriately sized to suite your needs
• Professional Movers – Professionals who know how to get the job done

Choose a good mover. If you choose to use a moving service, be sure to read reviews from past customers. The cheapest mover isn’t always the most trustworthy. Always ask for an estimate in writing, which will protect you from paying more afterward.

Make an inventory of your stuff. This is an important step if you choose to use a moving service or if you plan to rent a moving truck. With an inventory, you can determine exactly how large a moving truck you will need, and your movers can give you a more accurate estimate.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Moving is an excellent opportunity to prioritize your belongings. If you haven’t used it for six months or more, you probably won’t miss it in your new house. You can sell unwanted items online, have a garage sale, or give them to charity. But you won’t need to pay to transport them to your new home.

Don’t pay for boxes. If you have a little extra time, you can pick up leftover boxes from businesses. Grocery stores, liquor stores, hospitals, recycling centres, and restaurants are all good sources of sturdy boxes. You might not be able to get all the boxes you need in one trip, so plan to visit multiple locations.

Use linens as packing materials. You also shouldn’t waste your money on packing materials. Towels, sheets, cloth napkins, even tablecloths work as great substitutes for bubble wrap. You can even use clothes to wrap fragile items like dishes.

Box everything. Your oddly-shaped items should be packed into boxes. They are easier to carry and fit better in moving vans. If you use movers, using boxes can also save you money. The price movers charge depends on the time it takes them to mover your stuff; saving them time saves you money.

Move during the week. If you move during peak moving times (weekends, school holidays, and summer), you will likely be competing with other families for moving supplies. Professional movers know this and can charge higher prices. If you move during the winter, or during the week, you can haggle for a lower price or for free perks like a free dolly rental.

If you’re looking for a moving company with great reviews and competitive pricing, look no further than Migson Public Storage. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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