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How Decluttering Can Help You De-stress

If you find yourself feeling frazzled as a result of the clutter in your home or office, there is one simple, sure-fire solution to regain some piece of mind: declutter!

De-stressing By Decluttering

Over time, you’ll no doubt accumulate an abundance of clothes, furniture and other belongings. Even if your many possessions are perfectly useable and in great condition, at some point you can cross the line and simply end up with too much stuff, which can often times cause feelings of extreme stress.

In the past, the Journal of Neuroscience published findings from Princeton University of Neuroscience Institute researchers relating to the matter. The findings showed that your capacity to focus on the task at hand will be adversely impacted if your environment happens to be cluttered. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the research revealed that clutter also impedes your brain’s capacity to process data.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with the stress caused by clutter. In this article, we’re exploring how decluttering can help you destress.

Safely store what you want to keep

If you need to clear your head by decluttering you environment, one of the best options involves finding a storage unit where you can safely store your most precious possessions.

A large reason most people obtain so much clutter in the first place is because they don’t want to throw useful or sentimental belongings in the garbage. Often the thought of having to do so can lead to additional stress which, for obvious reasons, isn’t idea. However renting a storage unit at Migson Public Storage will allow you to reclaim the space in your home while still keeping your possessions.

Give away the excess

The old adage that it is better to give than to receive is true when it comes to decluttering to destress your life. After doing an inventory of exactly what you have and determining what you want to retain, you can decide what you can give away and what you should dispose of.

Even though the idea of parting with possessions can see daunting to some, every home undoubtedly has stuff they don’t use enough to justify keeping. These are the sorts of items you can give away – either to friends or to thrift shops. Regardless of who it goes you, you’ll be taking a large step towards creating a relaxing home atmosphere.

Dispose of the rest

After putting some of your stuff in storage and donating the quality goods that you don’t want, you’ll want to consider responsibly disposing of the remaining unused belongings. Having too much stuff in your living or working space can bring about stress, and you don’t want to compound the situation by including junk among the clutter. Take the first step towards a more relaxed lifestyle by simply cleaning the spare around you!

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