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Eight Tips for Staging a Home during an Open House

Real estate is a competitive market, and homeowners need to take measures to ensure their home stands out amongst the rest.

How to Stage an Open House

According to a recent study from FrontDoor.com, about 42% of homeowners say that they would have made a higher offer on one of prospective properties if it had been better presented in the first place.

With almost half of all homes selling for less than they should just because of bad presentation, it’s vital for homeowners to pull out all the stops for their open house staging. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to keep you on the right track!

  1. Remove anything that takes up too much space. Large furniture can make a room look smaller than it actually is. However, this isn’t to say you have to get rid of your belongings! Simply rent a storage unit to house your couches, oversized beds, or other items during the selling process.
  2. Accept that it’s not your home anymore. As soon as you list a house, it stops being your home and starts being your place of business. Your house becomes a product you are selling, and although you might like some knick knacks, wall hangings, or photos, they are cluttering the space and driving your home’s value down. Family photos, in particular, make it harder for buyers to envision themselves in a home, so put them in storage.
  3. Depersonalize! Buyers like generic rooms. Don’t set up a room you like. Set up a room that the average consumer will like.
  4. Pick a demographic. Do some research to figure out who is buying houses in your neighbourhood. This might determine how to approach your renovations and decorations. For example:
    • First-time buyers have low tolerance for old-fashioned furnishings. Borrow, buy, or rent more modern furniture. If you have wallpaper, strip it and repaint with a modern color palette. Although it may be an annoyance to do this in a place you’re moving out of, the increase in resale value will be well worth it!
    • Families place a premium on space. Leave your cupboards and closets over half-empty.
    • Buyers like to purchase houses that look just a little above their income level. If houses look too fancy, they will intimidate potential buyers.
  5. Pets can be messy, so find somewhere for your pets to stay. Have a friend or family member take your pets for the open house, and remove any trace of their presence.
  6. Tidy the kitchen. The kitchen is the biggest selling point for a house. Remove all countertop appliances and other clutter. Anything you feel could be seen as messy can be put in storage until you’re ready to settle in your new home!
  7. Manage your first impression. Some buyers could make their decision before they even enter your home. Keep up your lawn and plant some flowers outside. Hide all outdoor toys or lawn ornaments in order to maintain concentration on the home itself.
  8. Put on some finishing touches. Get the temperature within 20-25 degrees Celsius, secure your valuables and prescriptions, open your blinds, and stay out of buyers’ way so they feel comfortable to look around.

Setting the tone is essential in a successful sale! Keep clutter to a bare minimum and create an environment that will make for happy buyers.

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