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Don’t be that subletter: put your items into storage

We all know a person who has decided to change their life path abruptly to gain a sense of direction in their lives. Many people quit their jobs, leave school and just need to experience the world in a different way through traveling or going abroad. In this scenario, subletting a room or an apartment is the best way to make sure there’s a place to come home to. This is the time to consider putting items away into storage. Here are a few reasons why.

Creating space

No one likes to move into an apartment full of another person’s stuff. Sure, it’s great to move into a furnished place – but if there’s no access to closets and there isn’t any room to make a home, it can be a stressful situation for the new tenant. Don’t be that subletter! Create space for the new tenant by moving your items into storage. Box up anything that you aren’t taking with you– yeah like that shoe collection – and put it away safely and securely into a storage unit until you get back.

Keep things clean

Removing items and putting them away also gives you a chance to clean the apartment from top to bottom before the new tenant arrives or for any last minute renovations. It’s important to take care of these things before you leave for a long time to ensure the health and safety of the new tenant!

Safely store items

Think about it – you wouldn’t want someone messing around with your personal items. Important documents, electronics, your expensive art supplies – these are all things that should be put away to avoid any potential situations that could come up while you’re away. Even if the new tenant seems trustworthy, you may as well remove the risk factor of having your items misused or damaged or to help you have a sense of organization when you get home.

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Posted on October 13, 2016 | Benefits Of Storage Units, Organizing Home, Storage Tips

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