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9 Packing Hacks you Need to Know

You never really realize how much stuff you have until it comes time to pack it all up! Packing to move your home is almost always an overwhelming experience. However, there are easy ways to make it better!

Packing Tips
Check out these essential tips for making your move more bearable:

  1. Colour coding

    Black marker on brown boxes isn’t going to be extremely helpful when it comes to finding boxes in your new home, especially when all of your boxes are piled together in the same place. Instead, use different colours of tape to colour code your boxes according to the room they belong to.

    For more detailed info, you can then write on top of the tape for increased legibility. Remember to put tape on the sides of boxes so that you can still identify them even when they’re stacked.

  2. Clear plastic tubs
    Big transparent bins are great for items that you will want to locate and unpack early. They’ll be easy to spot a midst the sea of cardboard boxes, and you won’t have to open them to know what they contain.
  3. Wrap hanging clothes in a garbage bag
    A quick way to keep your closet items organized on their hangers is to slide a garbage bag up around them! Hang clothes side-by-side and slide a garbage bag on them while they’re still hanging. Tie the garbage around the neck of the hangars so only the hooks are exposed, and tape around the garbage bag to secure the clothing items.

    This way when you get to your new home, you can simply hang the hooks in the new closet, cut off the tape and garbage bag, and you’re good to go!

  4. Pack a suitcase like you’re taking a trip
    This might seem counter intuitive, but it can make life much easier. By the time you unload everything from the moving van, you don’t want to have to dig through all your boxes just to find a change of clothes and a toothbrush. Have an overnight bag handy so you’re not searching for your essentials.
  5. Clothes for padding
    The best option for packing dishes is to buy boxes made specifically for that. But, if you’re packing in a pinch and don’t have the time to purchase any, using your closet for assistance will do the trick.

    When you’re packing fragile items like dishes or glasses, shirts and other clothes make great padding. Stuff socks in the gaps in boxes to keep things snug so they don’t jostle around.

  6. Books in a wheeled suitcase
    Books and other heavy items are infamous for dropping out of the bottom of weak cardboard boxes. Even if the box holds, lugging it around can strain your back or cause other injuries. Wheeled suitcases are an excellent way to move these heavy things with ease.
  7. Photograph the electronics setup
    Before you unplug everything behind your computer or television, take a quick snapshot of the cables so that you will know how everything goes back together.
  8. Ice cube tray for jewellery
    Small pieces of jewellery can be a pain to pack up neatly. An ice cube tray covered with press and seal wrap makes a great organizer for those pesky little earrings!
  9. Organized furniture hardware
    If you have to disassemble something like a desk, keep all the screws organized. Keeping them in small sandwich bags is one good way to transport them from one house to the next. Taping them to a sheet of paper with labels is another good way to keep them organized. Whichever way you choose, tape them to a piece of the furniture, so they don’t get separated and lost.


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