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5 Ways to Increase your Curbside Appeal in Canada

Whether you’re preparing your home for a sale or you’re fixing it up to boost pride of ownership, you can’t go wrong by putting some time and money into increasing curbside appeal.

Outdoor Lighting

There are countless things you can do, ranging from simple and cheap to complicated and pricey, to make your home stand out. Whatever your budget, you can make tangible changes to get the desired effect.

With that said, here are five great ways to increase curbside appeal in Canada!

Choose a palette

If you did not buy your home new, chances are there were multiple prior owners. And if these previous owners each painted the exterior of the home with their preferred color scheme, it’s possible that your home now has a patchwork of colors and shades that may clash.

Choose a cohesive palette and give your home a more attractive look. Most exterior design pros recommend that you choose a palette that is compatible with the color of the brick your house is made of, so stick to a scheme that will go well with the general appearance of you home.

Tidy up your garden and lawn

A well-manicured lawn and a tastefully appointed garden will do wonders towards increasing curbside appeal. While untamed, tall grass or an overgrown garden signify neglect, but proper outdoor maintenance of your greenery will show the sort of pride of home ownership that will increase curbside appeal. Instill the notion that the home is well looked after from the moment potential buyers spot it!

Light it up

One particular place to focus your exterior lighting on is the porch area. When selecting outdoor lighting fixtures, be sure that they are a good fit with the architectural style of your home.

Another way to put outdoor lighting to good use is to light up the pathway leading to your front door. Pathway lights not only will make it easier to use the pathway in the evening and night hours, but also will showcase key features such as any special stone tiling you may have used on the lane.

Maintenance and upkeep

Regular maintenance will have your property looking its best at all times. Proper maintenance and upkeep include cleaning out the gutters, raking leaves and cleaning up the driveway with a power washer. Doing these sort of things, or paying someone to do them for you, will definitely increase curbside appeal.

Trim up to shape up

Trees and shrubs can add character to your home — as long as they don’t take up more space than necessary. Errant limbs and untamed growth can be kept in check with a bit of trimming and pruning. 

So, there you have it – the five best ways to increase curbside appeal in Canada. Follow these tips and watch your house attract attention for all the right reasons.

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