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4 Smart Bike Storage Solutions

In the world of modern bicycling, manufacturers are getting creative about conventional storage. The simple bike racks of old have given way to some pretty impressive designs, each of which functions flawlessly for its intended purpose. Traditional bike locks that line city sidewalks don’t make particularly efficient use of space, and urban cyclists are ready for a change.

Bike Storage Solutions

The various new models of bike storage are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and are starting to pop up in city parks. From the retro to the ultra-modern, cyclists can now benefit from much smarter designs when locking up their bikes.

Storage Solutions Every Bike Owner Should Know About

    • The Pit In Bicycle Table – you read that right; developed by Store Muu in Japan, this has to be one of the most ingenious bike storage methods known to man. The table is custom-built to accommodate bike riders and their gear. Simply park your front wheel into the designated slot, prop your laptop and cup of coffee on the raised platform, and get your work done in style. This is an excellent idea for restaurants and coffee shops that want to cater to the cycling crowd. Ideal for urban settings, many shops in Tokyo already feature this intuitive storage system.


  • Rotating Vertical Bike Rack – Originating in Seoul, South Korea, this massive bike rack mounts on the side of a building and features a rotating crank that holds and feeds up to 36 bicycles. Comprised of recycled plastic bottles and stainless steel, this is a great example of truly eco-friendly design. And in a city with millions of people and a higher population density than most, this clever design will free up much needed public space. Necessity really is the mother of invention.


But bike storage is about more than where to park while you’re out on the town. In our chilly Canadian climate, there are several months in the year when bikes need to be kept indoors and protected from the elements.

The most reliable place to keep your valuable bicycle is in a short- and long-term storage unit. These temperature controlled spaces will also protect your goods from risk of floods. And there are easy-to-use devices that will also keep your bikes firmly in place so you can maximize use of your storage space.

    • Racor Bicycle Hoist – Storing your bike on a mounted bike rack is great way to keep it tucked away, but lifting it on and off can be a bit of a pain. The Racor Bicycle Hoist makes the task a little easier with the help of an efficient pulley mechanism. You can now lift and bring your bike to the ground in just a few seconds, and don’t need to worry about accidentally dropping your precious cargo.


  • The Gladiator Claw Bike Handle – This is quite literally a claw that hangs from the wall or ceiling and holds the bike off the floor and out of the way.


There are many contemporary storage solutions available to cyclists these days. But you can never go wrong storing valuables in a dry and secure space like a storage unit – contact our team today for more information.

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