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Tips for Organizing a Self Storage Unit

Organizing a self storage unit is like trying to align a Rubik’s cube; it takes creativity, thought, and precision. Properly arranging a storage unit is nothing short of an art.

As storage professionals, we can offer some valuable advice about how to properly organize a self storage unit. Here are some tips to ensure your items are safely stored:

Use uniform boxes. Your unit will be substantially easier to access and arrange if you use boxes of the same size. Uneven boxes can result in damaged items and dangerously balanced stacks. When stacking boxes, pack heavier items at the bottom.

Label each box. Usually, people put things in storage so they can be forgotten for a while. The ideal storage space offers a safe place where you can drop off your items, worry-free. When it comes time to take your items out of storage, you probably won’t remember which items were put in which box. When you go looking for your summer clothes come June, you won’t have to rifle through every box.

Use raised pallets. Keeping your boxes off the floor on raised pallets reduces the risk of ear wigs, silverfish, rats, and ants from getting into your items. This will also prevent mold and mildew from forming along the bottom of the boxes.

Dismantle furniture. Taking apart your furniture before putting it into storage will help maximize space and reduce damage. Keep all bolts, screws, and other accessories in a separate labelled container. You can pack hollow pieces, like drawers and cabinets, with smaller items to save space.

Draw an ideal layout for the unit. Before you start moving your items into storage, it helps to draw a layout detailing which items will be in each corner of the unit. When creating the plan, you should consider which boxes should be at the front of the unit for easy access. Consider placing less used, less important boxes at the back of the unit.

Store flat items upright. To prevent damage and the formation of mildew and mold, keep paintings, mirrors, and other important items stored upright.

Consider renting a larger storage unit. If you’re finding that, no matter what the arrangement, your items just aren’t fitting, you may need to upgrade to a larger unit. At Migson Public Storage, we offer storage units in 10 different sizes to help you safely store any of your items—from books to boats.

Finding a storage unit that suits your needs is the easy part, packing it is another challenge altogether. For more information about our flexible storage options, get in touch with the team at Migson Public Storage today.

Posted on November 23, 2017 | Benefits Of Storage Units, General Tips, Organizing Home, Storage Tips


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