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4 Hacks for Packing Difficult Items

Packing for a move is a polarizing experience: Some items can be thrown right into storage as-is while others require delicate care. Bulky, fragile, or mildly dangerous items require maneuvering and some problem-solving skills to fit them into the storage unit safely. The more space you save, the more money you save. Simple as that.

Here are four of our favourite hacks for packing your home’s most difficult items.

Use tools boxes for silverware

Silverware is a bit tricky to transport and store, especially since it so often comes with sentimental value attached. The last thing you want is for your grandmother’s silverware to get scratched or for someone to get hurt. A space-saving packing hack is to wrap them individually in clothes or dish towels, and to secure them inside a sturdy tool box. This way, they won’t move around, get scratched, or pose risk to anyone. You’ll also save space!

Pack kitchen dishes with seasonal clothes

Have heavy jackets, pants, and sweaters to store away for the wicked Ontario winter? Want to save space and protect your kitchen dishes? Putting the two together is a win/win. If you have pots and pans, put sweaters and sweatpants between them (and in them, too) inside the box. You can even wrap them inside of a jacket or blanket if you’ve got one. You’ll save space and protect them from scratching each other.

Store heavy jackets inside of suitcases

If you have travel luggage that you aren’t using, there’s plenty of space on the inside that you shouldn’t let go to waste. Pack heavy jackets and pants inside to save yourself a separate box and to protect the jackets from getting musty. Duffel bags, backpacks, and grocery store bags make great extra storage space, too.

Store your clothes on hangers with trash bags

It’s tempting to throw clothes into a box and stack them away inside of your unit, but using hangers and trash bags actually comes with two advantages: A) easy unpacking and B) space savings. If you get a bar to hang them from, use hangers for your clothes and group them together with trash bags to protect them from getting dusty. Fewer boxes equals more space inside the unit.

Packing your things away for long-term storage is one of the biggest challenges facing our customers across Ontario. Stop wasting time worrying about how to pack these difficult items by using our packing hacks for public storage. If you’ve got some tricky items, we are always here to share our wisdom of the move with our customers!

Posted on July 4, 2017 | General Tips


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