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3 Little-Known Uses for Public Storage: More Reasons to Use Migson!

We’ve all had those days when you take a long look around the home and just think “wow, I have a lot of stuff!”. Doesn’t matter how big your home is or how well you keep organized, there will always be more stuff than you can handle.

Everyone knows that secure public storage is a great option for Canadians with excess furniture, family heirlooms, or closets full of clothing meant to protect you from the Ontario winter, but there are plenty of other great reasons to get yourself a secure, spacious, temperature-controlled storage unit.

Here are three little-known uses and how they benefit our customers across Ontario.

Expensive Holiday Decorations

Those colourful Christmas lights and that scary cackling Halloween witch probably cost you a lot of money, but keeping them tucked away in a closet or an attic takes up a lot of extra space; throwing them away would be a shame, though.

Since you’re going to use them again next holiday season, why not just store them at the back of your storage unit until the next holiday season comes around. Putting them at the back ensures that you don’t waste valuable space up front.

Pro Tip: Each time you go to your storage unit, mark the boxes you use with a marker. Try green for ones you use often and black or red for the ones you use less frequently. Move green boxes up and the others back so you don’t have to constantly reach for boxes in the back.

Moving or Vacation

Moving and vacation present two pretty unique opportunities to take advantage of our public storage space.

When you move, you’re rarely going to transfer to places that are exactly the same size or layout. Anyone who has moved before knows the days after are like navigating a maze in your new place. Lost furniture, misplaced boxes, and other odds and ends normally lead to families tripping over each other while settling in. If you use a storage unit, you can place all of the non-essentials in your unit until you get everything settled down in your new home.

Storing valuable items when going away on vacation is becoming more popular in Canada as instances of home break-ins tipped off by social media vacation photos increase. Electronics, jewellry, paintings, and just about anything you leave behind when you go away can be safely stored with us under 24/7 surveillance. You’ll still need a pet sitter for fido and fluffy, though. No pets allowed!

Seasonal Tools

Much like decorations, seasonal tools only find themselves useful during a small portion of the year. Winter finally turning to spring? Store your snow shovels and snowblowers with us. Autumn starting to turn cold a grey? Lawnmowers and leafblowers can fit right in. If you’ve got a arsenal of tools for yard work during the season, don’t take up space in the basement or garage. Store everything right at our facility.

Safe, spacious, and affordable public storage has more uses than you might think. These three aren’t well known to the public but are actually some of the most common reasons that Ontarians choose Migson Public Storage. Let us know if there’s anything you’ve got at home that you think you want to store with us!

Posted on May 31, 2017 | General Tips, Storage Tips, Uncategorized


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